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Padbol officially recognized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Romania!

Three and a half years after Padbol arrived in Romania, many events, successful competitions and  he creation of several Padbol clubs in different regions of the country, the Ministry of Youth and Sports issued the Order for the official recognition of the practice of Padbol. “The official recognition is a great sporting achievement for us,…


French Open 08-09 June 2019

France Open Winner RankPlayerTeamGPWGPointsG%1Gregoor van DijkPad Center 1127201320100.002Ricardo MarquesPad Center 1127201320100.00 Participating Teams Pad Center 1 Padbol Sintra 1 FOOTSALPAD 3 Padbol Sintra 2 Pad Center 2 Padbol Bucharest FOOTSALPAD 1 Greenfield FOOTSALPAD 2 Flux Arena 1 Arenal 2 Arenal 1 FOOTSALPAD 4 Millenium Soccer Leman 5 BAZSPORT Participating Players 1Gregoor van DijkHeight: 1.79Weight: 85Age:...

Romanian Open 31 August-1 September 2019

Romanian Open Winner RankPlayerTeamGPWGPoints1Francisco JavierRubi One1279013902Javier AsensioRubi One127901390 Participating Teams Rubi One Padbol SPV 2 Padbol SPV 1 Pad Center 1 Padbol Arena 2 Mallorca Padbol Sintra 1 Padbol Sintra 2 Flux Arena 1 Padbol Arena 1 Padbol SPV 3 Arenal Waregem Flux Arena 2 Arenal Mechelen Participating Players -Javier AsensioHeight: 1.77Weight: 78Age: 2020Nationality: Spain...

Portugal Open 19-20 October 2019

Portugal Open Winner RankPlayerTeamGPWGPointsG%1Alberto RamonMallorca 1148801580100.002Miguel AlonsoMallorca 1148801580100.00 Participating Teams Mallorca 2 Padbol Sintra 2 Mallorca Padbol Bucharest Leca da Palmeira 2 Huelva One 1 Mallorca 3 Leca da Palmeira 1 Huelva One 3 Porto Pad Center 2 Pad Center 1 Padbol Sintra 3 Huelva One 2 Flux Arena 2 Padbol Sintra 1 Arenal Waregem...

Belgium Open 7-8 December 2019

Participating Teams Padbol Bucharest Padbol Bucharest 2 Arenal Waregem FOOTSALPAD 1 FOOTSALPAD 2 Mallorca Arenal Mechelen Pad Center 1 Padbol Belgium Padbol Israel Padbol Sintra 1 Padbol Sintra 2 Participating Players -Alberto RamonHeight: 1.82Weight: 81Age: 2020Nationality: Spain -Miguel AlonsoHeight: 1.83Weight: 78Age: 2020Nationality: Spain -António HenriquesHeight: 1.63Weight: 61Age: 2020Nationality: Portugal -Ricardo SilvaHeight: 1.68Weight: 70Age: 2020Nationality: Portugal...
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Saturday November 3 a new sport was presented in Groningen

Saturday November 3 a new sport was presented in Groningen: Padbol. The mix between foot volley, volleyball and squash has been practiced in Groningen since this week, thanks to former FC Groningen player Gregoor van Dijk. Van Dijk now lives in Portugal and got to know Padbol there. On Saturday, the introduction of Padbol took…

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Padbol, daily training at Gheorghe Hagi Football Academy!

The CEO of Hagi’s famous Academy decided to introduce Padbol in the daily trainings of the kids and young football payers! Due to the many benefits of Padbol for the young players, in the summer of 2017 management of the club has considered as necessary to bring a padbol court into the main training facilities….