About EPT


The European Padbol Tour is founded to create competition between clubs and players from different  european countries. This competition will develop the sport in its quality, visibility and credibility. Every year the European Padbol Tour has to be extended with more countries, more tournaments and more players.


The European Padbol Tour strives to be leading in the world of Padbol competition, based on passion, believe and hard work for the sport.


To create the best competition in the world for Padbol players and clubs.


  • Passion
  • Hard Work
  • Fairplay
  • Honesty
  • Integrity


All the tournaments of the EPT 2019 must be played by the following concept:

  • 16 participating couples / teams
  • Saturday: Group phase (4 groups of 4) Sunday: Finals
  • Every team plays one game against each opponent in the group
  • A team gets 1 point for a victory and 0 points for a defeat
  • The first 2 teams of each group pass to the elimination stage A and the 2 other teams pass to the elimination stage B.
  • Classification in the groups are determined based on the following criteria:


-Sets won

-Games won

-If two teams are equal based on the above criteria, the result in their match is decisive

  • The matches in the group phase and the elimination phase are played by a best-of-3 (normal tie-break)


The group phase is played on Saturday and the elimination round on Sunday.

Saturday 11h 12h30 14h 15h30 17h 18h30
Court 1 A1 – A2 B1 – B2 A1 – A3 B1 – B3 A1 – A4 B1 – B4
Court 2 A3 – A4 B3 – B4 A2 – A4 B2 – B4 A2 – A3 B2 – B3

Final stage A 10h 12h 13h Court 1 1A – 2B Final Court 2 1B – 2A 3rd /4th place

Final stage B 9h 11h
Court 1 3A – 4B 5th/6th place
Court 2 3B – 4A 7th /8th place


The system is based on a dynamic ranking as we know in tennis and Padel. In this system both teams can win points, also when a team loses his game. In this way, we give maximum competition and every game become important.

  • For every game won, the team will receive 10 points. For a win game, the winner will earn 100 extra points.


  • A game in with the result 6-2 | 3-6 | 6-4.
  • Winning team will gain: 6 + 3 + 6 = 15 points + 100 points for winning thegame
  • Losing team will gain: 2 + 6 + 4 = 12 points.


The EPT organises 4 official tournaments in 2019. The tournaments take place every two months, starting in June.

  • FRENCH OPEN 08-09 JUNE 2019

In 2020 the European Padbol Tour will try to go to a minimum of 6 tournaments with 6 participating countries and 16 participating teams.


The inscription to the European Padbol Tour can be made just by clubs. The players will be selected after one or more of the club’s competitions.

The European Padbol Tour’s organizers has the right to refuse the inscription of any player with inappropriate behavior or morality, or who affects the values of the sport, the national or international associations/federations and its members, their purposes, strategies and objectives.